Charged up? DB SCHENKER Americas Achieves IATA Lithium Battery Transport Certification

Lithium batteries power countless devices from smartphones to electric vehicles, making them an integral part of modern life. However, their transport poses significant challenges due to potential hazards…

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Ready to embrace the future of logistics powered by autonomous driving technology?

In the world of logistics, efficiency is key, and autonomous driving promises just that. This innovative technology, which once seemed like science fiction, is now becoming a reality and is changing the way…

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The Architects of Information: Inside the World of a Data Engineer at DB SCHENKER

Logistics Matters: What role does a data engineer play in an organization like DB SCHENKER? Thomas Battenfeld: Data engineering might sound like a tech-heavy field, but it is fundamentally about preparing and…

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The future of transport: The Scania R 450e e-Truck in Sweden

In a world where environmental protection and sustainability are increasingly important, electric vehicles are no longer a trend but a necessity. Especially in the transport sector, they play a crucial role in…

Person in the Warehouse handling healthcare products

Setting new standards for healthcare

DB SCHENKER continues to solidify its commitment to excellence and regulatory compliance in pharmaceutical supply chains by achieving certifications in accordance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP)…

OnBoard Courier at the airport with a package and talking on the cellphone

Fasten Your Seatbelt

Global logistics provider DB Schenker has launched a new standardized product for a growing market segment: Customers can now book an exclusive Onboard Courier (OBC) Service

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Unveiling the “Forecasting Fortune Teller”

Did you ever wish you had a crystal ball to predict the future? In the world of logistics, that is becoming a reality with the DB SCHENKER forecasting solution for collection & distribution and terminal…

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Cool conditions: DB SCHENKER in Lapland operates with the Next Generation eCanter

Would you operate an e-vehicle under extreme weather conditions when you have the chance? During the beginning of 2024, two FUSO Next Generation eCanter models were in use at DB SCHENKER in Finland. Operation…

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A Grapes Journey from Egyptian fields to European plates

Picture this: It´s a Saturday evening and you find yourself on your routine weekly shopping trip for the upcoming week. As you stroll through the fruit aisle, you pause before the grapes. Your hands reach for…

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A Winning Partnership: DB SCHENKER and August Robotics

DB SCHENKER is proud to be a strategic and logistics partner with August Robotics– a world-leading commercial autonomous robotics company. Their “Lionel” floor marking robot is setting new standards in…