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The Architects of Information: Inside the World of a Data Engineer at DB SCHENKER

Logistics Matters: What role does a data engineer play in an organization like DB SCHENKER? Thomas Battenfeld: Data engineering might sound like a tech-heavy field, but it is fundamentally about preparing and…


Electrifying the world: The Porsche GT4 e-Performance Tour and DB SCHENKER partnership reaches the finish line with ten cities

For ten cities, DB SCHENKER served as the logistical pit crew for the Porsche GT4 e-Performance World Tour, a journey that crossed three continents and began to redefine the boundaries of sustainable…


Are you ready to become “hipper” with AI in Air Freight?

In the world of logistics, precision, transparency, and foresight are crucial. DB SCHENKER is constantly working on improving operations to satisfy the customers’ needs. A good overview of the expected…

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AI-mpowering: Decoding the Cargo Code @DBSCHENKER

In the first part of this two-part interview Christa Koenen talked about the topic of AI in logistics, but that´s not it. Logistics Matters dove deeper into the operations of AI at DB SCHENKER. Find out more…

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AI-mpowering: Decoding the Cargo Code @DBSCHENKER

In this first part of an exclusive interview series, Logistics Matters talks to Christa Koenen, CIO/CDO of DB SCHENKER and Member of the Board. The topic revolves around the company’s incorporation of…

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Need a second pair of eyes?

In the fast-paced world of logistics, real-time tracking provides maximum transparency throughout the entire supply chain. Picture it as a second pair of eyes for goods, ensuring they reach their destination…


Half Year Results 2023

Deutsche Bahn, the parent company of DB SCHENKER, presented the half year results 2023 with solid results amidst challenging circumstances. Get all the information and insights


Tracking via sticker

The first logistics provider from Europe to offer global tracking of freight shipments with a new ultra-thin tracking label.

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2023 Major Logistics Trends

5 major logistics trends to shape the future of the logistics industry in a world that is consistently in transformation

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DB Schenker trots the world in style

DB Schenker and adidas make logistics fashion-forward with a limited-edition Supernova 2 sneaker. This year, DB Schenker celebrates its 150th jubilee, and thus this special sneaker was born in unique branded…