For ten cities, DB SCHENKER served as the logistical pit crew for the Porsche GT4 e-Performance World Tour, a journey that crossed three continents and began to redefine the boundaries of sustainable logistics. Now, as the flag has fallen on this partnership, it is time to reflect on the 40.000km traveled. From the heart of Texas to the streets of Tokyo, the Porsche GT4 e-Performance has left its tire tracks on some of the most legendary racing circuits. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the DB SCHENKER local and global teams this high-performance prototype reached each destination in style.


It began with the sustainable transportation of the e-racer prototype across the Atlantic. DB SCHENKER mainly used biofuel to power the ship from Europe to America, where the GT4 e-Performance successfully arrived at the Southwest Festival and conference in Austin, Texas.


After the event, the DB SCHENKER pit crew collected the Porsche GT4 e-Performance and was on its way to Georgia. Next Stop, Atlanta! Some lucky DB SCHENKER employees got to meet the car in person and were able to take some pictures. Thanks to the expertise of the local teams at DB SCHENKER in both Atlanta and Austin, smooth and seamless transportation was ensured.

Watkins Glen & Laguna Seca

Once all pictures were taken in the Big Peach, DB SCHENKER revved up one of their trucks and raced all the way to the Big Apple for a quick pit stop at Times Square before the GT4 e-Performance was delivered to catch the action at Watkins Glen Raceway for its next official event.

From the landscapes of Watkins Glen to the curves of Laguna Seca, DB SCHENKER employees coordinated coast-to-coast transportation by train. As the race car prototype was delivered to the iconic Rennsport Reunion 7 at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca: it reached its final destination in the U.S. After four official stops in the States, DB SCHENKER had delivered electrifying motorsport experiences to around 400.000 fans.

Singapore: Electrifying the East

The roar of the electric engine resonated across the Pacific. DB SCHENKER navigated the ports of Singapore, transporting the Porsche GT4 e-Performance and all its spare parts and tools across the ocean with a mainly biofuel-powered ship and an aircraft mostly fueled by SAF. This complex international transportation underscored the global reach of DB SCHENKER and its commitment to sustainable practices. DB SCHENKER bridges the gap between continents. Their global network seamlessly collaborates with local experts to master intricate, long-distance logistics.


The adventures in APAC continued as DB SCHENKER transported the GT4 e-Performance race car prototype from Singapore to the boulevards of Tokyo. Guided by two custom containers, the DB SCHENKER tireless crew ensured that this high-performance prototype arrived in Tokyo unscathed. As a reward, the local teams got to take pictures with the electric prototype.

Guangzhou & Shanghai

After a successful event in Tokyo, DB SCHENKER maintained the seamless journey of the GT4 e-Performance and added another 3008 kilometers to the Porsche GT4 e-Performance World Tour and DB SCHENKER partnership. The tour continued in Shanghai and Guangzhou. In the city of Guangzhou, one of the DB SCHENKER electric trucks successfully facilitated a sustainable delivery to the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Sydney and Melbourne

Last but not least, DB SCHENKER transported the racecar prototype from Greater China to Down Under. After crossing the world oceans one last time on a mainly biofuel-powered ship, Australia witnessed the final leg of the GT4 e-Performance Tour. With final pit stops in the metropoles of Sydney and Melbourne, DB SCHENKER conquered all its challenges: utilizing four different modes of transportation and navigating through 19 different time zones.

DB SCHENKER did not just deliver a high-performance prototype but also motorsport experiences to a total of up to one million fans across the globe.

This partnership was not just about speed, it was about strategy and dedication. Local DB SCHENKER employees planned every route, and every mode of transport, actively working to reduce carbon emissions. Ships sailed through oceans using biofuel, planes were sent through the sky on SAF, and electric trucks became an extension of the racetracks themselves.

The GT4 e-Performance may have reached the finish line on this tour, but for DB SCHENKER, the journey towards sustainable logistics continues. It is time to shift gears, not down, but forward, fueled by the knowledge that a sustainable logistics future is within reach.

Published: May, 2024