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eCanter and XXL Cargo Bike
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Green Logistics right in the City of Hamburg

DB Schenker presents green logistics concept in Hamburg with eCanter and XXL Cargo Bike zero-emission for inner city logistics

Patric Hoffmann

Interview with Patric Hoffmann

Interview with Patric Hoffmann, Head of Schenker Ventures, about venture capital, its benefits and challenges and an outlook.

Logistics in Dubai
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Logistics in Dubai

Serving the region, the Indian sub-continent, and providing the halfway stage for goods bound for Europe from China and East Asia – Dubai appears to have great potential after all. Could this mean that Dubai…

Venture Capital in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
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Venture Capital in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Corporate venturing has become vastly common in other industries. Within the logistics industry, the approach is not yet so widely spread. However, the global logistics service provider, DB Schenker, is quite…

Kenya road

Taking the high road in Kenya

Kenya has an important and strategic location in Africa. The government is focusing on road rehabilitation, like the new 4,000 km high road.



Pandemic, Brexit, and digitization: Relationships between logistics service providers and its customers changed severely due to last months‘ crises. Markus Pütz, CCO at DB Schenker in the cluster DE/CH…


Interview with Christian Drenthen, Board Member for Land Transport at DB Schenker

Is it possible to one day replace the conventional diesel truck? How can a green last-mile delivery be achieved? Christian Drenthen, Board Member for Land Transport at DB Schenker talks in this interview about…

eActros in Leipzig at DB Schenker

Innovative e-fleets in logistics’ Land Transport business

How can an etruck be used in the logistics’ Land Transport business? The eActros prototype of Daimler has been tested by DB Schenker in Leipzig for one year.

Artificial Intelligence in Logistics
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The use of Artificial Intelligence in logistics

Digitalization and AI are currently transforming almost every industry – logistics is one of them. the question of how AI can be used to increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy across the supply chain is…

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Carbon neutral logistics – A huge task for the industry

Logistics providers are increasingly testing carbon neutral supply chains and the efficient management of resources and energy. How can the logistics industry achieve carbon neutral operations?