DB Schenker launches its new Circular Economy Logistics product line, bundling its market leading experience in reverse operations and investing in the future of returns, repairs and refurbishment of electronic devices. On the back of Transport Logistic, the industry’s largest trade show currently taking place in Munich, the global logistics service provider underlines its ambition to excel in modular reverse management operations and to provide a one-stop-shop for its customers. DB Schenker has recently become the only logistics company with a diamond member status as part of the Reverse Logistics Association.

Our Circular Economy Logistics product line is our commitment to realizing DB Schenker’s sustainability ambitions, while driving business value for our customers around the world. We invest in the future of reverse and return operations to support global leading manufacturers at accomplishing their ESG mission. After building up market leadership with our partners in recent years, we are now ready to support more of our customers around the globe to set up effective reverse logistics supply chains.

Board Member for Contract Logistics, Hessel Verhage, DB Schenker
Hessel Verhage
Board Member for Contract Logistics at DB Schenker

New Circular Economy Logistics product line

With a growing number of contract logistics sites engaging in circular operations on all continents, DB Schenker has already proven its market leading capacities in Circular Economy Logistics. Far more than ten million printers, smartphones or entire server structures are handled annually, with additional millions of devices being screened for damages and repaired. Beyond this, 1.5 million devices, such as tablets, laptops or wearable electronic devices are returned to the original manufacturer for recycling of their components. 

The logistics company’s process expertise includes return initiation as well as return and repair processing. Low carbon warehousing and the choice of environmentally friendly packaging materials enable customers to improve their ecological footprint. Among political debates over customers’ rights to repair their electronic devices, experts expect the circular economy market volume to double in revenues in the coming five years.

Published May 2023