LONGi Solar, one of the world’s leading photovoltaic companies, held its annual Supplier Conference in Xi’an, China, at the beginning of this year. During the event, LONGi awards suppliers who have provided outstanding quality and consistency with their products and services. This year, the logistics service provider DB Schenker won the Best Collaboration Award 2020 from LONGi for the second time in a row. With this, LONGi acknowledges DB Schenker’s support during the pandemic, where the logistics service provider kept the supply chains up and running for LONGi despite challenging circumstances.

Logistics Matters spoke to Hans-Martin Bauer, Senior Global Manager VM Semicon/Solar at DB Schenker, about the award and the collaboration with LONGi:

Hans-Martin Bauer, Senior Global Manager VM Semicon/Solar at DB Schenker accepts the Best Collaboration Award from LONGi

Logistics Matters: Congratulations on the Best Collaboration Award 2020 from LONGi Solar! What are your thoughts?

Hans-Martin Bauer: “The award is a great honor for us! LONGi Solar, as our strategic partner, has acknowledged the commitment and efforts we invest in our collaboration – for the second time in a row.

It is not easy to realize a solar project under the current ocean market conditions: More than 1,000 40-foot high-cube containers from Asia-Pacific to the Americas with a fixed delivery schedule of 50 to 70 containers per week to be completed under a pre-defined deadline – just to give an example. A big thank you to the team in China and around the globe for turning these challenges into a success!”

Logistics Matters: What is DB Schenker’s history with LONGi? And which services are provided in the field of Semicon/Solar in general?

Hans-Martin Bauer: “In 2016, a few containers in Ocean Freight formed the start with LONGi Solar. Today, our logistics services range from core products up to total solution design for project business on a global scale.

Semicon / Solar services are a combination of tailored, mostly integrated solutions which are offered within our DB Schenker product portfolio. Solar is dominated by Ocean Freight.

A key segment of the growing renewable energy market is the solar industry. We cover all customer types from raw material suppliers up to end customers receiving the finished goods. From wafer to cell to solar module, mounting systems, inverters and storage devices (batteries): all product types are covered.”