From Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to sustainable growth and reducing carbon footprint as well as developing new products and collaborating with suppliers and partners. DB SCHENKER has therefore been awarded the 2022 HPE Logistics Sustainability Partner of the Year, emerging as a top champion of the environment, prioritizing sustainability in HPE´s business modeling.

We at DB SCHENKER have made a pledge to do the best for people and our planet. Our immediate focus is on the environment, and we have set the ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2040. In addition, we strive for comprehensive ESG leadership in our industry and believe we all must do our part. We are very proud to serve customers like HPE who recognize our broad ambition and who aim for the highest sustainability goals themselves, to eventually eliminate the environmental impact of our business on our planet.

Thorsten Meincke
Board Member Air & Ocean Freight

This recognition is given to the provider that has made the most significant contribution in working with HPE in addressing present environmental concerns. The assessment process ranged across quantitative and qualitative award criteria:

  • Advanced commitment and investment in eco-friendly fuels for both air and ocean transportation
  • A clear current and long-term agenda in building up fleet capacity with electric vehicles and HVO fuel
  • Overarching commitment to sustainability and social responsibility that has been embraced by DB SCHENKER employees world-wide

The physical award will be handed over at the HPE Supplier Summit in August 2023.

Published: July2023