Get to know more about DB SCHENKER skybridge.

The global logistics provider, DB SCHENKER, offers a balance between time and costs for shipping goods around the globe and combines air and ocean freight. The company offers customers a cost-effective freight option for delayed or time-intensive ocean shipments and an alternative for tight capacity or expensive air freight shipments. Especially in crisis situations, this is an opportunity to react flexibly and fast to find a different way of transportation. The customer can take advantage of both modes of transportation and build a bridge to the world markets.

With this shipping solution, we take the transport for our customers to the next level. Whether due to a crisis, a bottleneck, or an unusable transport route, we always find the best transport solution. We react flexibly and, therefore, in a time-efficient, cost-saving, and environmentally friendly manner. We keep innovating and creating new hubs and upgrading the service portfolio to meet customer requirements and expectations. The product supports the market demands during various disruptions to the regular floor of transportation. 

Janaka de Silva looking into the camera
Janaka de Silva
Vice President Global Skybridge, DB SCHENKER

How does DB SCHENKER skybridge work?

The goods are shipped via ocean freight to a transit hub, where they are transferred to an air freight carrier and flown to the final destination. This way can save up to 50% of the air freight costs, while reducing the transit time by up to 50% compared to ocean freight.  

With this opportunity, it is also possible to reduce the carbon footprint by using a combination of air and ocean freight, which emits less CO2 than pure air freight. While using bio-fuel for ocean freight or sustainable aviation fuel for air freight, it is an additional way to reduce CO2 emissions.

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DB SCHENKER operates with seven global Sea/Air Hubs: Colombo, Dubai, Osaka, Tokyo, Incheon, Singapore, and Los Angeles. The most important benefit for the customers, who mostly belong to the fashion-, luxury-, automotive-, and electronics section, is that at Origin, transit hub and destination dedicated Sea/Air operation teams ensure full control over the shipments as every part is handled by DB SCHENKER directly. 

Because DB SCHENKER offers the customer different kind of transport solutions, it allows the company to be flexible to react to irregularities in supply chains like the ongoing Red Sea crisis.

Published: February 2024