Did you know that at this moment, 50 countries are struggling with extreme, high, or turbulent levels of conflict, and one in six people live in one of these actively conflicted areas?

DB SCHENKER Aid & Relief

In the face of destruction, invasion, dictature, military putsch where homes, possessions, and cherished memories may be lost, the silver lining emerges. It comes in the form of invaluable support and assistance provided by compassionate volunteers, individuals, NGO´s, and companies. At DB SCHENKER Aid & Relief, a helping hand is extended, fueled by the desire to make a meaningful difference in these challenging times.

Reinforcing its commitment to the humanitarian market, DB SCHENKER has established a specific department called DB SCHENKER | aid-relief logistics. Their scope of work extends to humanitarian aid transports and UN peacekeeping operations equipment.The structure is strategically organized based on 3 regional control towers focused on humanitarian aid needs: Europe (France) – Americas (USA) – Eastern Africa (Kenya). Each of them has regional expertise with a skilled team regarding cargo movement, customs brokerage, transport capacities, road conditions, and overall infrastructure capabilities.

“People in need of humanitarian aid have traditionally been mainly affected by political issues or wars. However, with the increasing unpredictability of climate change, people are now suffering from its consequences. Humanitarian aid will become more prevalent on a global scale, extending even to developed countries.” Philippe DUMAS, Global Head of Aid & Relief logistics

Shining a light on a Mission of Compassion

Let´s delve deeper into the impactful efforts of the DB SCHENKER Aid & Relief team in France, in collaboration with DB SCHENKER KENYA, to instill hope and support the MONUSCO mission.

Quick excursion: What is MONUSCO?
Established in July 1, 2010, MONUSCO, a United Nations organization and stabilization mission, endeavors to bring peace and a stable living environment to the people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Empowered by a strong mandate, MONUSCO operates with the authority to employ all essential measures to achieve its goals of fostering peace within the Congo. These include the safeguarding of civilians, humanitarian personnel, and human rights defenders facing imminent threats of physical violence. The MONUSCO mission stands as a vital commitment to ensuring the well-being of the Congolese population and contributing to the broader goals of regional stability, peace, and prosperity.

DB SCHENKER Middle East and Africa steps in: A Guardian in the heart of conflicts

Continuing the journey amidst challenges in the MONUSCO mission, the teams at DB SCHENKER transported 11 UN vehicles. This operation involved the careful movement of vehicles from Marseille, France, to Entebbe, Uganda, and finally to Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. The transportation, which occurred during September and October of 2023, included a diverse range of vehicles such as Dump Tippers, Water Trucks, and semitrailers. With a total shipment volume of 513 cubic meters, the task was executed with utmost care – understanding the importance of the mission to millions of people. The teams at DB SCHENKER ensured the safe and timely delivery of these vehicles and equipment. Through collaborative efforts between DB SCHENKER France and DB SCHENKER Kenya, the right aid & relief solutions were provided in this challenging situation.

In cooperation with DB SCHENKER Kenya, we successfully delivered all the trucks seamlessly from the Mombasa port to both final destinations, in Goma and Entebbe. This shipment was truly exciting

Nathalie Herrero
French Tower Transport Coordinator

At DB SCHENKER Aid & Relief, the goal is to showcase comprehensive solutions with a unified front. The importance is to speak with one voice: “We are here for you, and we´ve got your backs. Whether your goods need to be shipped from, to, or into countries by any means of transportation, you can rely on DB SCHENKER.”

It is all about delivering hope and providing a helping hand to those in need.

Published: February