43 flights a week, compensating the equivalent of 135 passenger flights and with two connections directly connecting three continents: Asia, Europe, America. This is DB Schenker’s new global flight operations network. In challenging times, the logistic provider has created solutions to keep supply chains up and running for its customers.

Airplane is loaded at the Airport in Munich during the night
Source: ATF Pictures / Munich Airport

Findind solutions for Air Freight

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lack of passenger flights which were previously used by logistic providers to transport goods. As a result, the logistics industry has come up with alternative solutions.

One such alternative is the flight operations network from DB Schenker. The first flight, which connects three continents directly, took off from Munich Airport in Germany this week.

As air passenger travel is still far from recovery, we have decided to create new and reliable cargo options for our customers. I am especially excited about our new routes via Munich Airport. With these, our existing and strong flight network will become even more global.

Thorsten Meincke
Thorsten Meincke
Board Member for Air and Ocean Freight, DB Schenker

The network connects the Chicago-Munich-Tokyo-Seoul-Munich-Chicago route weekly with a total capacity of 400 tons. The second connection operates the Munich-Chennai-Munich-Chicago route with a total capacity of 300 tons per week. It is not necessary to reload the cargo when stopping over in Munich, saving time and allowing three continents to be connected with one flight.

We are very pleased that DB Schenker, one of the most important and largest logistics service providers in the world, has chosen Munich Airport as the hub for its intercontinental cargo flights between the USA and the Far East.

Jost Lammers
CEO and Chairman of the Management Board at Munich Airport

Up to 43 additional connections cover demand from DB Schenker’s customers on a weekly basis. These flights operate, for example, from Frankfurt, Germany, to Mumbai, India, or Atlanta, USA.

Airplane is loaded at the Airport in Munich during the night. One part of the flight operations network of DB Schenker
Source: ATF Pictures / Munich Airport

The first flight from DB Schenker’s new global flight operations network took off this week, with further connections scheduled regularly in the future.

Published: January 2021