There could not have been a better day to present the zero-emission inner-city logistics concept of DB Schenker in Hamburg, North of Germany. The sun was out, and the sky was blue when the latest XXL-Cargo Bike from Cargo Cycle and the eCanter from Daimler will deliver the freight from the green warehouse to the customers in the city with zero-emission, zero noise, and in record time.

At DB Schenker we are determined to progress our sustainability leadership position. With our new hub in Hamburg, we continue to build on our green city logistic successes; in Oslo, Norway, and other cities across Europe. Our continuous investments in cargo bikes and the e-Canter together with the coming green warehouse allow us to do just that. I’m very proud of our continued expansion across Europe providing green city logistics.

Christian Drenthen
Board Member DB Schenker Land Transport
Green City Logistics in Hamburg, Germany at DB Schenker

We have a mission to be of the first to use these techniques. We are a big company which has the power to develop things like that and to push it forward!

Man protrait
Gert Ludt
Branch Manager DB Schenker, Germany

Social responsibility and sustainability leadership in city logistics

Carbon neutral logistics is a huge topic in the logistics industry, and – logistics service provider like DB Schenker are aware of. In more and more cities, the delivery of traditionally powered trucks faces increased limitations. Stable inner-city logistics becomes a crucial competitive advantage, and therefore, the intelligent combination of XXL Cargo Bike and eCanter replaces two 7,5 ton-diesel trucks. To top it off, DB Schenker will build a green warehouse, inclusive of office space, which will soon be equipped with solar energy, geothermal energy, and LED. DB Schenker aims to become the sustainability leader in logistics; this includes making a positive contribution to society and the natural world we live in.

Facts and figures

All detailed information on the XXL-Cargo Bike, the eCanter, and the coming soon green warehouse are available in the graphics below.

Published: September 2021