DB SCHENKER opens a new terminal in a central location at Bergen Flesland Airport. The 46-acre plot houses a state-of-the-art logistics center with 7,000 m2. Large parts of the area are dedicated to freight handling. The building and operation are largely self-sufficient in electricity through solar panels on the roof, which incidentally is also green. The building has modern facilities for employees and drivers. DB SCHENKER in Bergen has a large catchment area for its operations in the region and with the increased capacity at modern locations can offer the market reliable and good transport products. Not only on the road, but also in sea and air freight.

This terminal forms an important and integral part of our pan-European network, which comprises 430 terminals across Europe, and is also of great importance for the Norwegian domestic network.

Christian Drenthen
Board Member for Land Transport

First Volta Zero deployed to Norwegian operations of the new branch in Bergen

DB SCHENKER, one of the world’s leading logistics service providers and market leader in European land transport, is taking an important step towards eco-friendly logistics. In September, DB SCHENKER will conduct a test with the electrically powered and highly innovative Volta Zero from Volta Trucks in Norway. The truck was presented at the official opening of the terminal in Bergen.

The terminal in Bergen is a powerful part of our network. We are pleased that we can finally offer our customers and the market the best facilities for freight transport in the region. We are now well positioned for further sustainable growth, and Volta Trucks takes us further towards an eco-friendly land transport.

Wolfgang Frank
Head of Land DB Schenker Norway

In 2021, DB Schenker and Volta Trucks announced a partnership. The subsequent pre-order of nearly 1,500 all-electric Volta Zero vehicles was the largest order of medium-duty electric trucks in Europe to date. DB SCHENKER plans to deploy the all-electric, 16-ton Volta Zero in its European terminals to deliver goods from distribution hubs to urban areas and city centers.

By deploying the Volta Trucks in our fleet, we are significantly increasing the pace of electrification of our fleet and investing in greener transport solutions. This brings us closer to DB SCHENKER’s goal of strengthening our position as a sustainable market leader for logistics services.

Christian Drenthen
Board Member for Land Transport

DB SCHENKER strives to be the world’s leading provider of sustainable logistics solutions. As part of its ongoing efforts to decarbonize transportation, the company has introduced a number of sweeping changes. This record-breaking order of Volta Zero trucks is just one of many initiatives the logistics service provider is undertaking as part of its shift to zero-emission freight. DB SCHENKER will be one of the first companies in the world to test these trucks in a real-world setting.

Published: September 2023