Despite it being another challenging year for the logistics industry with many crises such as the Suez Canal blockage, global shortages of containers, bottlenecks in ports worldwide, and more – 2021 will be remembered as nothing other than a disruptive year. Regardless of these unprecedented challenges, the industry once again persevered.

Discover 5 top stories read on Logistics Matters in 2021 and have a well-rounded reflection of the year that was. 

#1: Writing history – The world’s first carbon-neutral cargo flight

A historic moment! The first commercial carbon-neutral cargo flight in history arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, having completed a nine-hour journey from Frankfurt, Germany. DB Schenker realized this milestone in air freight history in cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo.

#2: New era of warehousing – 8 innovation and technology trends

Warehousing has entered a new era driven by technology, innovation, and artificial intelligence (AI). When implemented successfully, these solutions can reduce costs, optimize operations and improve the overall efficiency of supply chains.

Innovation and technology in warehousing: Picking glasses and scanning glove

#3: “We need to change our thinking”- Jochen Thewes, CEO of DB Schenker

Jochen Thewes has successfully led the global logistics service provider with a dedicated target within the company’s strategy to be a leader in the industry on sustainability. He shares his opinion with Logistics Matters on the importance and future of sustainability in logistics. 

Jochen Thewes, CEO DB Schenker

#4: Automation and robotic technologies enhance warehouse processes

Warehouses have transformed to become a critical component of the supply chain, enabling fast order fulfillment and empowering customers to gain a competitive advantage. Automation plays a massive part in this transformation, offering various attractive benefits and solutions to create the warehouse of the future.

#5: “At the end of the supply chain there is a human being” – by Veronique Dameme, Head of Global Vertical Healthcare at DB Schenker

The HealthCare business has been a hot topic in the logistics industry these last years. With more than 200 COVID-19 vaccines in development worldwide, the importance of logistics and its corresponding responsibility to society is growing every day.

An aircraft being loaded

Published: January 2022