Navigating the Logistics Maze

In the coming years, all eyes will be on North America with Football World Cup 2026 being co-hosted by the United States, Mexico, and Canada and the Summer Games coming to Los Angeles shortly thereafter in 2028. The logistical effort required to successfully stage international mega events like these are immense, especially when the venues span from coast to coast. Although DB SCHENKER is best known for being a leader in global logistics, the Essen-based company also boasts a dedicated Sports & Events Unit with an impressive track record of tackling the unique demands presented by these global spectacles.

Major Sporting Events: The Power of Experience

DB SCHENKER’s distinctive edge lies in their extensive experience managing major sporting events worldwide. Meticulous planners, the logistics giant understands the value of addressing event-specific challenges well in advance. This tireless preparation, combined with the flexibility to adapt to new and local requirements, underscores a company-wide commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier logistics solutions. For DB SCHENKER, “After the game is before the game.”

Leveraging Past Success for Future Excellence

Experience reigns supreme in the high-stakes world of sports events logistics. The DB SCHENKER team is full of industry veterans, who offer invaluable on-site support and seamless collaboration with local host teams. This wealth of knowledge, paired with a profound understanding of customer needs, makes DB SCHENKER an ideal partner for anyone seeking to optimize operations for their upcoming sporting event.

Logistic Expertise: Unlocking New Horizons 

DB SCHENKER’s recent acquisition of USA Truck heralds exciting opportunities, particularly in the Sports Events sector. This partnership will allow DB SCHENKER to deploy their own vehicles to ensure full logistics coverage across the three countries co-hosting the World Cup. With a broad range of transportation options available, the company promises to provide customized service that emphasizes minimizing environmental impact. By aligning their strategic approach with the organizers’ vision, DB SCHENKER is striving to make the future of sporting events greener and more sustainable.

Soccerex USA: Countdown to Kick-Off

As the countdown to the largest World Cup in football history commences, DB SCHENKER is preparing for the challenges ahead. The Soccerex event in Miami serves as a pivotal launchpad for the team to kick-start their project and engage with key stakeholders. Leading in-depth discussions and sharing planning insights, DB SCHENKER will be there setting the stage for seamless logistical operations in support of World Cup 26.

With a legacy of excellence in handling major sporting events and a forward-looking approach, DB SCHENKER’s Sports & Events Unit stands as a beacon of reliability in the logistics industry. As the world converges on Miami, excitement and anticipation for World Cup 2026 continues to grow. With a player like DB SCHENKER on the team for this historic event, stakeholders know exactly what they’re getting: dependability, smooth logistics, sustainable practices, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Published: November 2023