DB Schenker and Volocopter have successfully conducted a joint static proof of concept for VoloDrone ground operations in logistic centers at Messe Stuttgart, Germany. This two-day collaboration resulted in the first blueprint created on how the VoloDrone can be integrated into the supply chain of the future.

The static PoC tested how logistics operators can manage personnel, payloads, automated ground vehicles, and the VoloDrone to create an efficient process and a safe environment for future VoloDrone operations.

Together, we tested the ground processes for coding goods, assessed safe cargo loads and goods, tested the automated supply of the drone through autonomous vehicles like the automated mobile robots by our partner, Gideon (Link zum Gideon Artikel), and identified other necessary pre-flight cargo checks. The process for transporting and loading the VoloDrone payload was conducted and studied to determine safe, standard procedures for employees on the ground who will ultimately prepare the VoloDrone for flight.

The VoloDrone unlocks new possibilities for the logistics industry, and it represents a key element for DB Schenker’s innovation and sustainability roadmap for logistics. Volocopter’s leadership in this emerging urban air mobility industry is most evident in their practical solutions, their customer-centric approach, and their commitment to bring UAM to life.

Erik Wirsing, Head of Global Innovations at DB Schenker
Erik Wirsing
Global Head of Innovation at DB Schenker

The blueprint derived from these results will be the first of its kind and serve as a basis for integrating VoloDrone operations in logistics networks globally, realizing our automation and sustainability ambitions in supply chains.

Source: Volocopter / DB Schenker

By developing a blueprint for VoloDrone operations, Volocopter is leading the way into the next dimension of transport logistics with tangible and operational data backing our service claims. Our work with DB Schenker shows that they are a great investor, a valuable partner, and an enabler for our commercial VoloDrone operations.

Since mid-2019, Volocopter and DB Schenker have been developing the VoloDrone for a commercial launch and assessing the drone’s use cases for business-to-business services in logistics. The VoloDrone is fully electric, can transport a 200-kilogram payload up to 40 kilometers, and has 18 rotors and motors powering the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

With this blueprint, both companies will make a big step towards an innovative and emission-free supply chain of the future.

Published: July 2021