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Ready to embrace the future of logistics powered by autonomous driving technology?

In the world of logistics, efficiency is key, and autonomous driving promises just that. This innovative technology, which once seemed like science fiction, is now becoming a reality and is changing the way…

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The Architects of Information: Inside the World of a Data Engineer at DB SCHENKER

Logistics Matters: What role does a data engineer play in an organization like DB SCHENKER? Thomas Battenfeld: Data engineering might sound like a tech-heavy field, but it is fundamentally about preparing and…

Person in the Warehouse handling healthcare products

Setting new standards for healthcare

DB SCHENKER continues to solidify its commitment to excellence and regulatory compliance in pharmaceutical supply chains by achieving certifications in accordance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP)…


Are you ready to become “hipper” with AI in Air Freight?

In the world of logistics, precision, transparency, and foresight are crucial. DB SCHENKER is constantly working on improving operations to satisfy the customers’ needs. A good overview of the expected…

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AI Interview: People decoding the cargo code at DB SCHENKER

Have you ever wondered how AI is reshaping the way you work? Welcome to an insightful interview on the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the future of work. Logistics Matters dives…

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Cool conditions: DB SCHENKER in Lapland operates with the Next Generation eCanter

Would you operate an e-vehicle under extreme weather conditions when you have the chance? During the beginning of 2024, two FUSO Next Generation eCanter models were in use at DB SCHENKER in Finland. Operation…

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What does the future of logistics look like?

Logistics is one of the most important economic sectors in the world, moving millions of people and goods every day. But what does the future of logistics look like? Which trends and innovations will…

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AI-mpowering: Decoding the Cargo Code @DBSCHENKER

In this first part of an exclusive interview series, Logistics Matters talks to Christa Koenen, CIO/CDO of DB SCHENKER and Member of the Board. The topic revolves around the company’s incorporation of…

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Logistics Decarbonization is on the Horizon

The transportation business has undergone a profound transformation in recent years as the industry seeks to find cleaner and more sustainable alternatives to conventional fossil fuels. One solution that is…

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Trend: Supply Chains Vulnerable to Climate Change

The Environmental dimension: a crucial aspect among the five areas unveiling the intricate connections between our environment and the rapidly evolving landscape of business and industry