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A Winning Partnership: DB SCHENKER and August Robotics

DB SCHENKER is proud to be a strategic and logistics partner with August Robotics– a world-leading commercial autonomous robotics company. Their “Lionel” floor marking robot is setting new standards in…

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AI-mpowering: Decoding the Cargo Code @DBSCHENKER

In this first part of an exclusive interview series, Logistics Matters talks to Christa Koenen, CIO/CDO of DB SCHENKER and Member of the Board. The topic revolves around the company’s incorporation of…

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Need a second pair of eyes?

In the fast-paced world of logistics, real-time tracking provides maximum transparency throughout the entire supply chain. Picture it as a second pair of eyes for goods, ensuring they reach their destination…

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Logistics Decarbonization is on the Horizon

The transportation business has undergone a profound transformation in recent years as the industry seeks to find cleaner and more sustainable alternatives to conventional fossil fuels. One solution that is…


Transport of a Tunnel Boring Machine

18 months of preparing the implementation of this demanding transport operation: DB SCHENKER in Poland took over the transport of the unique TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) and it was one of the most difficult and…

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Trend: Supply Chains Vulnerable to Climate Change

The Environmental dimension: a crucial aspect among the five areas unveiling the intricate connections between our environment and the rapidly evolving landscape of business and industry

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Trend: Transforming Urban Logistics

The Technological dimension: This data-driven revolution, where efficiency and performance take center stage, ready’s the world to make smarter decisions to pave the way to a more sustainable and eco-friendly…

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Trend: The New Face of Work in Logistics

The Social dimension: We investigate the Social trends revealing the increasing significance of work-life boundaries, hybrid working, and workplace wellness initiatives.

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Trend: Transformative Power of Mass Digitalization

The Economic dimension: Explore the trends, shifts, and opportunities emerging within the economic landscape of the supply chain industry. By understanding the economic forces at play, the report states that…

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Trend: Public Incentives & Eco-Friendly Transportation

DB Schenker undertook a mission to understand the evolving dynamics of the supply chain industry. The Trend Report 2023 meticulously analyzed 20 trend statements using the PESTEL framework, uncovering the…