DB SCHENKER will operate in a new and highly specialized distribution center located in Jundiaí, São Paulo. Covering an expansive 15,000 square meters of dedicated warehouse space, this facility marks a pivotal achievement in fortifying the company’s partnership between Siemens Energy and DB SCHENKER in Brazil, with a primary focus on operational efficiency.

I am very pleased to launch this new distribution center for our customer, Siemens Energy. This reflects our commitment to providing exceptional logistics solutions and growing our Global Partnership. It is a special honor to support a global leader in energy technology with our logistics solutions and capabilities in Brazil.

Luís Marques
CEO of DB Schenker Brazil & Argentina

To boost Siemens Energy’s efficiency and performance, DB SCHENKER has implemented a customized inbound logistics solution for their manufacturing warehouse and distribution center. This solution offers seamless storage of production parts, efficient transportation, and comprehensive security, empowering Siemens Energy to focus on their core competencies.

A dedicated DB SCHENKER team operates the site, ensuring seamless handling, quality checks, and storage for Siemens Energy’s large-scale components. This distribution center further solidifies the position of DB SCHENKER in delivering top-tier quality to its customers, contributing to the streamlining of Brazil’s logistics market.

Also, Jundiaí known as a renowned, second most sustainable city in São Paulo State, aligns with the commitment of DB SCHENKER to sustainability and environmental preservation. The city has launched numerous initiatives promoting a greener future, such as efficient waste management and recycling systems, utilization of solar panels for renewable energy consumption at the site, and preservation of green spaces. Jundiai’s dedication to sustainability creates the perfect environment for this new distribution center, echoing the commitment of both Siemens Energy and DB SCHENKER to eco-friendly practices.

Published: March, 2024