DB Schenker took the opportunity to gain profound insights into the dynamic evolution of the supply chain industry. This endeavor led to the creation of the highly anticipated first edition Trend Report 2023— a comprehensive resource that unravels the trends shaping the future of logistics.

In our previous update, we focused on the Economic dimension, one of the five areas of analysis. And now we investigate the Social trends revealing the increasing significance of work-life boundaries, hybrid working, and workplace wellness initiatives. This includes adapting to changing work conditions, prioritizing employee well-being and mental health, and offering flexibility in work arrangements.

Employer of Choice for Tomorrow

According to the DB Schenker Trend Report, “Work-Life boundaries, hybrid working & workplace wellness initiatives are increasingly important for being an Employer of choice” (65%). To thrive in the future, employers must recognize the evolving needs of their employees. The pandemic has transformed work conditions, necessitating a focus on work-life boundaries and hybrid working models. By embracing flexibility and supporting work-life balance, employers can attract and retain talent, driving improved competitiveness and success in the supply chain industry. The message is clear: adapting to changing work conditions and prioritizing employee needs is vital for becoming the employer of choice tomorrow.

Signals of Change – New Work

The changing landscape of work in the logistics industry calls for a focus on hybrid working. This shift towards hybrid models, supported by evidence of increased productivity and better work-life balance, is becoming permanent. Companies are downsizing offices and even offering digital-nomad visas to attract remote workers. Uncover the pressing issue of burnout among supply chain managers, and delve into the factors contributing to this trend, including outdated technology and insufficient processes. Prioritizing employees and combating burnout through wellness initiatives is crucial. Learn how organizations are adapting, taking measures to improve work conditions, and creating sustainable and employee-friendly environments.

Discover the insights employed to combat burnout, improve work conditions, and foster sustainable environments. To unlock this insightful trend report, and gain a competitive edge in the logistics industry, follow this link.

Published: June 2023