The logistics industry has been notorious for its high contribution to pollution. But the tide is turning, and DB Schenker is leading the way. A significant deal with United Airlines is signed to reduce CO2 within supply chains. A step closer to achieving its carbon neutrality target by 2040.

The agreement with United Airlines marks a significant milestone toward becoming a pioneer of sustainable logistics solutions. The logistics giant is now part of United Airlines’ Eco-Skies Alliance. This brings together leading global corporations to accelerate solutions that can help decarbonize aviation.

We remain committed to reducing the carbon footprint within supply chains wherever possible. Key to this is providing our customers with innovative, sustainable solutions such as SAF. With customers recognizing the value of our SAF offer, this momentous deal marks a significant step in the right direction. We are proud of this partnership and will continue to look for partners who share in our vision of clean logistics.

Thorsten Meincke
Thorsten Meincke
Board Member, Air and Ocean Freight.

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is currently the most scalable option available to decarbonize air freight, and unlike offsetting, it reduces the actual CO2e emissions from air travel. Using SAF, DB Schenker and United Airlines are taking a giant leap toward a more sustainable and better future for the logistics industry. This deal is just one example of how companies can work together to help create a more sustainable future. DB Schenker and United Airlines lead the way, but more must be done. Let us hope that more companies will follow their lead and join their efforts to minimize the environmental impact of air freight.

Published: May 2023