Corporate venturing has become vastly common in other industries. Within the logistics industry, the approach is not yet so widely spread. However, the global logistics service provider, DB Schenker, is quite eager to drive it within the sector and has recently launched its venture capital and startup division “Schenker Ventures”.

CEO Jochen Thewes shares DB Schenker’s ambitious goals via his LinkedIn channel, stating that “DB Schenker will be the number one driver for innovations within the logistics and supply chain industry.”

And the chances for this are not bad. At the beginning of 2020, DB Schenker invested in the German startup Volocopter and participated in the following rounds.

Venture Capital in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

DB Schenker and Volocopter are cooperating very closely with regards to the heavy-lift cargo drone VoloDrone. From an investment perspective, with a total of 320 million euros raised so far, VoloCopter is on an excellent way to unicorn status.

This year DB Schenker announced their investment in the robotics and Artificial Intelligence company Gideon Brothers and participated in their Series A funding round of 31 million euros.

We are very confident that we are right on track with our investments. Founders will retain control of their companies, and we will continue to provide support where it is beneficial; this will remain our main success factor. Our logistics Venture Studio will allow us to get in touch with great ideas and founders even earlier within the financing cycle.

Patric Hoffmann
Patric Hofmann
Head of Schenker Ventures

Logistics Matters had also the opportunity to meet Patric Hofmann, Head of Schenker Ventures, for an interview about the industry, his vision and an outlook, which will be published soon here at Logistics Matters.

Published: August 2020