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Ready to embrace the future of logistics powered by autonomous driving technology?

In the world of logistics, efficiency is key, and autonomous driving promises just that. This innovative technology, which once seemed like science fiction, is now becoming a reality and is changing the way…


Are you ready to become “hipper” with AI in Air Freight?

In the world of logistics, precision, transparency, and foresight are crucial. DB SCHENKER is constantly working on improving operations to satisfy the customers’ needs. A good overview of the expected…

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AI Interview: People decoding the cargo code at DB SCHENKER

Have you ever wondered how AI is reshaping the way you work? Welcome to an insightful interview on the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the future of work. Logistics Matters dives…

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A Winning Partnership: DB SCHENKER and August Robotics

DB SCHENKER is proud to be a strategic and logistics partner with August Robotics– a world-leading commercial autonomous robotics company. Their “Lionel” floor marking robot is setting new standards in…

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Trend: Supply Chains Vulnerable to Climate Change

The Environmental dimension: a crucial aspect among the five areas unveiling the intricate connections between our environment and the rapidly evolving landscape of business and industry

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Trend: Transforming Urban Logistics

The Technological dimension: This data-driven revolution, where efficiency and performance take center stage, ready’s the world to make smarter decisions to pave the way to a more sustainable and eco-friendly…

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Trend: The New Face of Work in Logistics

The Social dimension: We investigate the Social trends revealing the increasing significance of work-life boundaries, hybrid working, and workplace wellness initiatives.

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Interview: Joe Couto, EVP Robotics & 3PL at Körber Business Area Supply Chain

Staying informed about the latest logistics industry developments, including autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Joe Couto, EVP Robotics & 3PL at Körber Business Area Supply Chain, shares insight into the future…

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2023 Major Logistics Trends

5 major logistics trends to shape the future of the logistics industry in a world that is consistently in transformation

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Our Top 5 Stories of 2022

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