Tailormade logistics solutions: new DB SCHENKER distribution center for Siemens Energy in Brazil

DB SCHENKER will operate in a new and highly specialized distribution center located in Jundiaí, São Paulo. Covering an expansive 15,000 square meters of dedicated warehouse space, this facility marks a…

OnBoard Courier at the airport with a package and talking on the cellphone

Fasten Your Seatbelt

Global logistics provider DB Schenker has launched a new standardized product for a growing market segment: Customers can now book an exclusive Onboard Courier (OBC) Service

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AI Interview: People decoding the cargo code at DB SCHENKER

Have you ever wondered how AI is reshaping the way you work? Welcome to an insightful interview on the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the future of work. Logistics Matters dives…

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Unveiling the “Forecasting Fortune Teller”

Did you ever wish you had a crystal ball to predict the future? In the world of logistics, that is becoming a reality with the DB SCHENKER forecasting solution for collection & distribution and terminal…

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Cool conditions: DB SCHENKER in Lapland operates with the Next Generation eCanter

Would you operate an e-vehicle under extreme weather conditions when you have the chance? During the beginning of 2024, two FUSO Next Generation eCanter models were in use at DB SCHENKER in Finland. Operation…

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A Grapes Journey from Egyptian fields to European plates

Picture this: It´s a Saturday evening and you find yourself on your routine weekly shopping trip for the upcoming week. As you stroll through the fruit aisle, you pause before the grapes. Your hands reach for…

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What does the future of logistics look like?

Logistics is one of the most important economic sectors in the world, moving millions of people and goods every day. But what does the future of logistics look like? Which trends and innovations will…

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A Winning Partnership: DB SCHENKER and August Robotics

DB SCHENKER is proud to be a strategic and logistics partner with August Robotics– a world-leading commercial autonomous robotics company. Their “Lionel” floor marking robot is setting new standards in…

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Delivering Hope through Humanitarian Logistics

Did you know that at this moment, 50 countries are struggling with extreme, high, or turbulent levels of conflict, and one in six people live in one of these actively conflicted areas? In the face of…

Ship on the Ocean and air plane at the sky

The best of both worlds

The global logistics provider, DB SCHENKER, offers a balance between time and costs for shipping goods around the globe by combining air and ocean freight