DB SCHENKER awarded 2022 HPE Logistics Sustainability Partner of the Year

DB SCHENKER has therefore been awarded the 2022 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Logistics Sustainability Partner of the Year, emerging as a top champion of the environment, prioritizing sustainability in HPE´s…

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Trend: Supply Chains Vulnerable to Climate Change

The Environmental dimension: a crucial aspect among the five areas unveiling the intricate connections between our environment and the rapidly evolving landscape of business and industry

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Trend: Transforming Urban Logistics

The Technological dimension: This data-driven revolution, where efficiency and performance take center stage, ready’s the world to make smarter decisions to pave the way to a more sustainable and eco-friendly…

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Trend: The New Face of Work in Logistics

The Social dimension: We investigate the Social trends revealing the increasing significance of work-life boundaries, hybrid working, and workplace wellness initiatives.

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Trend: Transformative Power of Mass Digitalization

The Economic dimension: Explore the trends, shifts, and opportunities emerging within the economic landscape of the supply chain industry. By understanding the economic forces at play, the report states that…

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Trend: Public Incentives & Eco-Friendly Transportation

DB Schenker undertook a mission to understand the evolving dynamics of the supply chain industry. The Trend Report 2023 meticulously analyzed 20 trend statements using the PESTEL framework, uncovering the…

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United Airlines and DB Schenker sign milestone deal to reduce carbon emissions

The logistics industry has been notorious for its high contribution to pollution, but the tide is turning, and DB Schenker is leading the way. The company has just signed a significant deal with United…


From Returns to Renewal: The Power of Reverse Logistics

Value-added services for returns, repairs and refurbishment under new product lin

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General Motors names DB Schenker a Supplier of the Year

General Motors recognized DB Schenker as a 2022 Supplier of the Year. GM celebrated honorees at its 31st annual Supplier of the Year event in San Antonio, Texas, earlier this week


Next step in electrification

DB Schenker acquires the new eActros LongHaul to join their European fleet network.